bridging the gap

With much anticipation and excitement I launch my website and the first Just Imagine blog article.  I’m delighted to share it. My intention is to enhance your interiors and/or your lifestyle, in hopes of adding to your living experience. May it give you many ideas, tips and inspiration.


We’ve all heard this expression, and we are usually talking about the Generation Gap. Applying this expression to color seems far-fetched…but is it?

I have devoted a page on my website to Color because it is so fundamental to a room’s design success. If I can help you achieve the same visual success as the magazines we all love, then I will be a happy designer!

How does ‘bridging the gap’ apply to color? Do you ever wonder when you look at a beautiful room why the colors are so put together? On closer examination you will more than likely find an element or two that makes all the colors chosen work so well together—an element that bridges what otherwise might be a gap —A Ha!—between colors…colors you would never think to put together. Sometimes all the colors used are evident in a beautiful picture (usually placed as the focal point in the space, or a striking pillow (placed center of a sofa for impact and connection). Now you, too, can easily achieve this.

First, decide what colors are meaningful to you or make you happy. Are you living in those colors?  Please DO! By hunting for those colors in a picture or a fabric or a pillow, you have now created the bridge to make those colors work together. Find other pillows or objects (though not too many) each in a color or two from the palette you’ve decided on, and ‘dot’ them around your room. Perhaps paint an accent wall with the color you enjoy the most.

House Beautiful Colors for Your Home: 300 Designer Favorites

is a great reference book, offering designer’s favorite colors to work with and why they like to use these colors. Every issue of House Beautiful magazine features their Color and Paint Palette articles to further inspire and help you find that perfect color.

Here is an example of a chair fabric I chose for my delightful client’s home office. It’s as if she sits on a bed of tulips; how wonderful! This was my bridge fabric as well as the inspiration for all the other colors and design ideas in the room. Notice the tulip painted on the wall behind the other chair in the right photo (another inspiration fabric we chose). How fun and uplifting to work in this space…traditional furnishings mixed with unexpected colors say this space is very much today.

There can never be too much inspiration so I want to share with you the beautiful photography of Elizabeth Maxson, captured in her blog, Though the settings may not be your taste the photos are exquisite, as are her color combinations: Elizabeth did the styling and photography for the book, Quilts From the House of Tula Pink by Tula Pink. Quilts are a perfect way to see how colors are put together!

Happy hunting!

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