The Art of

Color evokes emotion. Color inspires, tranquilizes, energizes, romances; it’s cheerful, whimsical, sophisticated, dramatic, understated, or elegant. It can increase the heart rate or make one want to curl up with a good book. Creativity with color sets the tone for a room, be it soothing and restful, bold or stimulating. Through our eyes we feed our inner being and color is an essential element in the design journey to fulfillment.

Subtle or arresting, color well appointed enhances the living experience.

“When I decided to bring color into my bland, white-walled house, there was only one designer I considered. Of course, I selected Ellen Cohen after seeing a number of homes that she ‘rescued.’ A delight to work with, she blended a variety of colors I would never have chosen on my own. My bedroom is a vision of serenity and if any one told me to “go to your room” I would gladly comply!! To use one of Ellen’s favorite descriptions – the living room absolutely “pops”. The accessories she added, such as pillows and floral arrangements, were unique and in all cases absolutely perfect finishing touches. I couldn’t be more pleased; the results exceeded my expectations.”
E.W. New Hope, PA